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 Cupholder, Stripes. and the Plenum

 After I got the basics out of the way, I wanted to start dressing it up.  Way back when I had my first camaro in the last 90's I saw the cupholder in our 1993 cavalier and thought it would make a great cupholder in the camaro.  I never got around to doing that in our first third gen, but I had the idea all worked out on how to do it for this one.

 After I painted the charcoal grey on the car and got it looking decent,  I mapped out some stripes to dress it up a little and break up the plain, boring hood that all RS camaros are cursed with.

Speaking of dressing up, one of the things about my car that people seem to appreciate is the plenum that I've filed, sanded and polished to a mirror finish.  Not too many 2.8 V6's have ever had this treatment, and I can see why, it was HARD work!