History & Purchase
Very early 2010
Spring 2010
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History and Purchase

I owned a 1985 Sport coupe that eventually became too expensive to try to maintain, but I knew someday I would want another 3rd gen.  I liked the way they looked, felt, and the fact that I was comfortable in them despite being 6' 8", which can't be said for most sporty cars.
Late in 2009 I started shopping for another one, but this time I had a very specific criteria.  I wanted a V6, 5 speed transmission, and I wanted to to have manual seats and windows.  With a car this old I wanted to avoid the things that tend to break down the most.  I also wouldn't buy anything that I couldn't drive home right away.  In late December I found this car on Craigslist.  I hadn't really thought about a Grey car as being an option, but my wife liked it because her late uncle's camaro was the same color, and it reminded her of him and it.  The car had a couple electrical problems (the interior lights didn't work) and the paint had been baked right off the top of it, but all in all it was in good condition, ran great, and met my all the rest of my criteria.
This is what i looked like the day I bought it home